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Writing books is one thing, but writing optimised copy and blurbs can be a trickier game. Sometimes it can be a different sort of writing. Your copy might need to feature keywords that help get your site ranking on Google. Or it might be copy that has to inspire a purchase decision, or sell your books. You might even be a publishing company looking to improve their offering.


If you don't fancy tackling that, or want to sharpen up your website and optimise it for search engines (SEO), have a blurb created or improved, make your social media profiles sing, or even write an email campaign and newsletters, Ben is on hand to help. Find out more below:


Simply send over an email describing your needs and the project as a whole. Ben will then drill into the detail with you, finding out all the information he needs to get an understanding of what you need. Then he'll supply two drafts for feedback, and then a final draft. You're then welcome to implement the copy wherever you need it. Ben's rates can be found in the next section down.

You send over an email, detailing what you need and when you need it by


Once Ben has all he needs, he'll start writing, regularly checking in for feedback


Once complete, you'll be free to implement the copy however you please

Choose from:

Blurbs > websites > profiles > adverts


Want to go ahead? Just email: shelfhelp@bengalley.com.

Ben's rates are based on number of words needed. For instance, a blurb is normally 0-500 words. An email campaign or social media profile 500-1k, and a website 1k-2k. Just email if you want to hire Ben.