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We're living in an exciting time. If you want to be an author and publish your book, you no longer have to rely on agents or publishing houses to take you down the publishing road. You can now simply take the reins and self-publish, and, for the first time in history, it's a viable option.


However, to the beginner, it can sometimes seem a bewildering option. As such, you, the budding author, will have some questions about how to self-publish the right way.


Or, you might be an author who has been working away at self-publishing for some time, and is ready to reach the next level of publishing. You might want to know more about expert marketing techniques, which ones to use, where to spend your time and money, and what strategies to use.


In any case, Shelf Help is here to assist you through bespoke advice. Every author is unique, so get advice that is unique to you.


Shelf Help and Ben Galley have featured in:


What Shelf Help offers is the knowledge and knowhow to publish and market your books in one of the best ways – the DIY way. Ben Galley, founder of Shelf Help, has spent years learning the industry, publishing books and figuring out how to make marketing work for you, not against you. Thanks to this experience, Shelf Help can show you how to:

  • self-publish easily and quickly

  • maximise your royalties

  • maintain complete creative control

  • publish on a realistic budget

  • market professionally and effectively

  • build a strong foundation for success

  • create a reliable income from your books

If you want to learn how to publish and market your books the Shelf Help way, Ben can help. Shelf Help offers 30min and 1hour 1:1 consultations over Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime. The sessions will be packed with useful information that  is 100% tailored to you, your books, and your unique situation,


Shelf Help was founded by fantasy author Ben Galley in 2011, He has taught authors from all over the world how to publish their books the DIY way, speaking at various universities, New York Book Expo, and the London School of Commerce. Ben has also worked as Guardian Masterclass tutor. He's passionate about helping others to achieve goals, and that is why he started Shelf Help.

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