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Every author and every book is different, and so sometimes you just need that little bit of personal self-publishing or marketing advice that can point you in the right direction, or get you ahead of the competition. Professional author Ben Galley can provide that.


Ben offers 1:1 consultancy sessions to any author who needs them via Skype or Zoom. The sessions are designed to focus directly on you and your goals. Ben is happy to discuss anything you’d like, and will provide you with all the detailed and invaluable advice he can. From self-publishing the right way to advanced book marketing, Ben can provide his 10 years of insight and experience.


To arrange a 1:1 session, all you have to do is click on the button below. You can fill out a contact form to outline what you’re in need of, and Ben will get back to you personally to arrange times and further details. This is to make sure the session is targeted and that the time is well spent.


You can book a session as short as 30 minutes - perfect if you want a quick publishing check-up, or only have a few questions to ask. Or, if you need detailed walk-throughs or want to get a game plan together, then you can book an hour or more.





A 1:1 session is very easy to organise:

First, you complete the contact form, detailing what you want to cover

Ben will then email back to confirm any details and set a date

The session will take place over Skype or similar

If required, Ben can send over all the follow up notes from the session


Below are some examples of topics that Ben can help you with. It’s not exhaustive, so if you don’t see what you need, just get in touch.


  • Inspiration and how to maximise it.

  • How to effectively manage your writing time.

  • How to plan and execute your ideas and themes.

  • Worldbuilding.

  • Character development.

  • Writing commercially.



  • What companies you can use to publish and what companies to avoid.

  • How to source professional book covers.

  • Getting your book edited - using either freelance editors or using crowd-editing.

  • How to find and work with beta readers

  • How to professionally format your book files for both eBook and print formats.

  • Sourcing ISBNs for your books.

  • Writing copyright pages and extra sections like dedications.

  • Writing blurbs and bios for your books.

  • Using Print On Demand platforms like CreateSpace and Ingram Spark for paperbacks

  • How to publish eBooks on a global scale with companies like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

  • Publishing hardback editions.

  • Creating audiobook versions of your books.

  • How to price your book effectively across global markets.

Book Marketing:

  • Getting the most out of Amazon, BookBub, and Facebook Ads.

  • Why and how to use mailing lists.

  • Using book promotion services such as Bookbub

  • Leveraging competitions and giveaways.

  • Blurb, category and keyword optimisation.

  • How to build professional and simple websites at a low cost.

  • Sourcing reviews for your books.

  • How to maximise your reach and accessing global markets.

  • Content marketing and what it’s all about.

  • How to use social media - what to do and not to do.

  • How to go about building a Friendbase, not just a Fanbase.

  • How to get your books into physical bookstores.

  • Organising book and blog tours and how to maximise your impact at signings.

  • How to create and effectively use merchandise.

  • How to be successful when crowd-funding on sites like Kickstarter.

  • Using apps, transmedia, and ideas for the future.


Shelf Help and Ben Galley have featured in:

"Just last year I attended an event in London run by a well-known publisher that cost £349 for 2 days. What Ben gave us in the first hour of his workshop was more usable than the information I garnered in 2 days at last summer’s event."

- Joanna Hunter,

"Ben Galley is genuinely interested in passing on his knowledge and helping others to be successful... Thank you Ben – your Shelf Help service is as inspired as you are inspirational.”

- Judi Williams, Great

"The key facts are laid out so clearly in the notes that they will be invaluable.  It was a really enjoyable seminar and I will make great use of the information."

- James Andrew, Author

"Along with the fountain of knowledge and the treasure trove of helpful advice that the affordable sessions have given me, I've also gained a great friend and mentor who I thank without end for his help in making my dreams of becoming a writer a reality."

- Reece Bridger, Fantasy Author

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