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If you want to get stuck into social media, but unsure where to start and how to set it all up, Ben can now do it all for you.


It can be tricky knowing what to do when getting yourself established on social media. It's a very powerful medium now that there are so many people online. It can find you new readers with just a few tweets and posts. It's quick, it's agile, and it's free. But it can be confusing starting out. Which platforms do you use? Do you set up a Facebook profile or a page? What's a retweet? 


Ben can do all of that, no problem. He'll get you set up in the best possible way, making sure you're optimised for a great start on social media. He'll even do some of the design and data work too, setting up your profiles, design, and even entering your book data. Once it's all done, there's a quick tour and it's over to you to start using and marketing. Find out more below:


This new social media setup service is designed to give you a great start on social media. Ben will set up all the accounts for you, ensuring it's done right and in the best way. Then it's a simple matter of adding a design and getting yourself established. Ben will even start lists for you, follow your first contacts, and kick off your social media marketing. He'll then hand the passwords and usernames back to you, ready to be changed to details of your choosing. You're now free to start tweeting, posting, and liking.

You send over an email, detailing what platforms you would like to use



Once Ben has all the info he needs, he'll build up your profiles and start you off

After that, Ben will then guide you through each platform in detail and hand back control

Choose from:


Want to go ahead? Just email: shelfhelp@bengalley.com.

Ben's rates depend solely on which platforms you want to be set up on (this may depend on your preference or workload). Normally two is recommended, but it's completely up to you. Have a look below, and just email if you'd like to start.