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Sometimes, you just want to get on with the writing, or marketing, than mess around designing websites. Maybe it's just not your thing. In any case, wouldn't it be great to have somebody else do it, at a good price and in a way that allows you to update it going forward.


Ben is now offering Wix website design, meaning that he can now use the Wix web-design and hosting platform to create you an author website of your own, to your specifications. Ben will take it all in and build it for you, with all the functionality you need to update it with blogs or new books.


So if you want to save time and have a good-looking website to direct people to, which is essential for marketing, then scroll down to find out more.


Ben's process is quite simple. Simply send an email to Ben detailing what you want. Ben will then email back to confirm all your ideas and specifications. Once it's all been agreed, and a deposit paid, Ben will get to work, constructing your new author site. He'll check in along the way, making sure the site stays on track, and all your feedback is taken on board. Then, once your happy with your new site, the passwords and usernames are passed over to you, along with a brief guide to using your new site. You're then free to change them to something you deem secure, and enjoy. Email Ben if you want to start.

You send over an email, detailing your design ideas and any questions


Once Ben has all he needs, he'll begin to construct your website


You'll have a few rounds of feedback, then when you're happy, Ben will hand over control to you!


Want to go ahead? Just email: shelfhelp@bengalley.com.

Ben charges by by the hour for his Wix Website Design. Normally a simple website can be completed in 2 hours, and so the rate below shows what you can expect to pay, depending on the complexity of your website and the features you want: